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PRO10 Immersion Mining Enclosure & Rack System

Hydro miners rely entirely on the effectiveness and continuous operation of the liquid cooling system. Cheap “water cooling cabinets” offered by cryptominer resellers are risky choice and may ruin your miners. This is precisely why we developed DCX HYDRO100 CDU System. It features dual high-quality smart pumps that can be controlled remotely installed in 42U datacenter rack frame. Pumps can operate in redundancy mode or at full capacity transferring over 160kW of heat. System is fully universal accommodating either 10-12 MicroBt M56S++ Whatsminers or 20 or even 30 Bitmain Hydro miners or even standard servers, which gives users great flexibility.
As part of our package, we offer dry coolers, remote installation assistance, appropriate additives, and more. What sets our HYDRO100 rack system apart is its potential for sustainable operation with built in heat exchanger, enabling the reuse of generated heat.


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Energy Efficiency

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Two years ago, DCX pioneered introducing scalable and modular Immersion Enclosure & Immersion Rack System. New PRO10 Immersion Mining Rack has been engineered to provide industry best efficiency and density for new miner models. The rack type immersion cooling system, with a rated cooling capacity of 256kW consists of strong self-supporting rack frame with integrated high-capacity manifold and industrial tubing. Lids built info rack frame provide full protection for users and engineered fluid from dust, contamination, spill and UV.
The system is designed for installation in standard ISO container (from 2 to 4MW capacity per container) or to be installed in facility in datacenter-style multiple rows of immersion racks. Granular, dense build of multiple enclosures instead of long tanks results in the shortest connection to switchgear or transformer, enabling huge savings in power cabling & mitigating power loss. DCX PRO10 Immersion Mining Racks allow also for short connection to heat rejection device, simply hydraulic system topology, save fluid and piping cost, and lower pressure drop, resulting in most efficient cooling system.

Dual Immersion Mining Rack System has integrated manifolds and tubing – part of primary loop connecting the enclosure to heat rejection system. Both manifolds and industrial tubings have 2 x bigger diameters than any other cheap, knock-off rack systems. Rack frame has also mounting points for standard 0RU datacenter PDUs or high capacity DCX PDU systems. Power distribution cabling is separated from hydraulic tubing. Individual enclosures may be fully retracted from rack frame using maintenance platform for comfortable operation and servicing of the miners. This allows for flexible servicing, without disruption of mining process to provide easy and safe access to individual miner during maintenance.The system provides integrated temperature monitoring for each enclosure and for manifolds, if required.

Maintenance platform guarantees easy and safe access. Enclosure is fully retracted from rack frame for comfortable operation and servicing. Dimension of the rack frame: width: 2.3m / 7.4’ (dual rack); depth: 0.8m / 2.5’ (with fittings), height 3 level rack 1.7m / 5.4’ and 4 level rack – 2.2m / 7.1’


  • 70% higher heat transfer performance than any other solution
  • Hosts new M56 / M50 and overclocked S19  miners.
  • 30-40 x M56 miners per Immersion Rack
  • 4MW and 720 miners – most powerful and affordable Immersion Mining Containers
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DCX HYDRO 200 RACKWhatsminer M53 / M63 seriesBitmain S19 / S21 Hydro
Miner Capacity2236
Heat Transfer Capacity [kW]21175
Max Power / Miner [kW]9.67.4
CDU Operating Power [W]Individually selected pumpIndividually selected pump
Primary Loop TemperaturesSupply 20-50°C | Return 40-70°C
Ambient Operation Temperature-30°C~50°C | -22°F~122°F
Ambient Humidity5-95% RH
PDU Input voltage3P custom 380-440V 50/60HZ 400A
PDU Socket22 x SA2-30 380-400V 20A or 2 x PDU with 36 PA 45 50A
PDU Output voltage3P custom / standard 380-440V 50/60HZ | 1P 220V or 230V 50/60H
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]800x1200x2000
Weight [kg]220 kg
Pipe connection diametersDN60
BPHX / Heat Reuse Capacity99.99 %
CertificationCE | UL & ETL at request
Primary Loop Monitoring & ControlRemote monitoring & control: Flow, Temperatures
Rack MonitoringRemote monitoring: Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
PDU (if included)Remote monitoring & control: Power, Voltage, Alarms, Reset
Heat ReuseFacility connection providing return temp 20-50°C
Heat Rejection to Dry CoolerDCX Immersion Optimized Dry cooler


  • Enterprise class system & controls with full redundancy
  • Complete loop separation and condensation control
  • From 300kw to 1.2MW per single CDU
  • From 6 to 28 server racks per single CDU
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System Build

PRO10 Immersion Mining Enclosure & Rack System

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Steel cover to prevent contamination, with spill prevention components.
All-steel enclosure big enough to house up to 400kg of dielectric fluid and miners. Building block for the rack or scale-out container installations. Enables high-temperature mining for the best heat transfer parameters. No more plastic boxes that can crack, leak or melt anytime, no more problems with temperature limits, no more problems with grounding.
L shaped frames to mount external components – switchgear, monitoring systems or PSUs. Placement of PSU outside of the immersion bath requires more retrofitting for the miners, but enables even bigger density and higher temperature for better heat exchange.
IP40 switchgear box for 10-12 3-4kW miners. Contains: 10-12 x overcurrent protection, circuit breaker, cable fittings, terminal blocks, cabling. We use top class Schneider, Eaton, Legrand or Siemens components.
Miner stack area. Sized carefully taking into account various miner types. Allows for flexible placement of different miners. Including: 15x Whatsminer M20/M30/M31 12x Whatsminer M21 8x Antminer S17+ / S17e / T17+ 8x Antminer S19 / S19PRO / T19 10x Innosilicon A10 PRO / A9 / A6 23x Innosilicon A10 (500M) 18x Antminer S9SE / S9K 20x Antminer S9I / S9J 8-16 x Mining rig with up to 12 GPU each 6-7x Hummer H1 Miner 5x Antminer K5 CKB Eaglesong 8-16 GPU rigs with 12GPU each (96-192GPUS)
ThermaSafe R™ Dielectric Engineered Fluid Best priced, 2 times better than recognized Bitcool BC-888 ASIC miner dielectric coolant. Dielectric, odorless, non-toxic, non-allergenic, long-life, eco friendly and safe HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid). Designed specifically for crypto mining operations, compatible with most ASIC, GPU and electronic equipment.
Filling kit. Flexible miners require more effort on fluid control. We want all the fluid to go through the miners not around. To enable a higher pressure drop around the miners we deliver filling kits which direct the fluid through the miners.

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Features & Competitive Advantages

More performance, better reliability, and more comfort. Nothing is better.

Flexible system supports all crypto mining hardware

Standard UNI Enclosure is able to sustain crypto mining hardware including gpu rigs and asic miners. Each Universal ILC Enclosure will accommodate 6 GPU rigs with up to 12 GPU each , or 18 standard S9 / Z9 / A9 ASIC miners. That results in 72 gpu’s / 18 miners in one UNI Enclosure. Stacking up enclosures to 2/3 levels stack will effect in 216 GPUs or 54 miners in less than 1 square meter. Thats best you can get.

More performance. Less to pay.

Numbers are impressive – 30% less electricity bills with PUE of 1.05 – most of the fans can be removed and system cools miners a long with PSU’s. Liquid cooling systems allows for overclocking and fine tuning with custom firmware which effects in 20% more hashrate with hardware and software optimisation. Additionally most users get up to 10% more shares from stability.

Plug and Mine

Ready to use, delivered with everything required, “plug and mine” solution for every individual that goes pro with 2-3-4 miners or mining rigs. UNI Enclosure is also main component for scale up solutions with 10-20-40 enclosures in our custom racks.  Everything is included whether it is single UNI enclosure or whole rack system. It will work flawlessly even in hot climate with high ambient temperature. Allows to mine virtually everywhere when low cost energy is available without failures and downtime. And the best is – setup takes minutes not weeks.

Silent, low profile mining

One aisc miner generates the noise of 75dB all day and night. With small farm of 2-4 rigs or asic miners its unbearable 24/7. Specific location is needed. Miners must be spaced out and placed in relatively cold place. Air must be filtered and vented which means expenditures for fans, air conditioning, location, filters. With our immersion liquid cooling you will be able mine quietly from your own place or from area with most convenient power. Placing 48 GPUs or 10 asic miners in the box with dimensions less than 70x60x60 solves all the problems. Simple as that.

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More performance, better reliability, and more comfort. Nothing is better.

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Get your custom solution:

  1. Amount and type of cooled systems and power per system or rack, general description, and dimensions.
  2. Desired liquid cooling technology: direct chip – hydro or immersion system and the goal you want to achieve: better performance? Water savings? Energy efficiency? Heat reuse? Higher density?
  3. Country, City of planned location for climate data, heat transfer performance sizing & shipping cost estimate

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More performance, better reliability, and more comfort. Nothing is better.

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