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DCX Server Immersion Cooling Systems

Immersion systems were available since over a decade, but early designs could not deliver cost-effective, reliable and standard sized immersion liquid cooling solution. This is why DCX introduces the new immersion architecture dedicated for standard servers, immersion purpose server platforms and edge servers.
A new, unique solution consists of standard immersion tanks installed in rack frames with dimensions of standard 600x1200mm server rack. So in opposite to traditional outdated immersion tanks, DCX Immersion Systems can be stacked vertically to deliver exceptional density and 4 x more capacity per sq m. compared to traditional immersion offerings. Besides standard datacenter systems, DCX offers Edge Immersion Enclosures for remote deployments and OCP RV3 sized immersion tanks.
All DCX Immersion Systems have built-in hydraulic compartment, equipped with high-capacity plate heat exchangers and 2N redundant pumps. DCX choose non-proprietary build and those design choices maximize system efficiency, server uptime and reliability.
Internal build of DCX Immersion Enclosure guarantees efficient circulation of dielectric fluid and balanced, precise saturation of immersed servers, delivering a right amount of flow that the servers require.
  • New innovative, power-dense immersion cooling rack system for industry standard 19” servers, game changer for the AI driven Datacenter Industry

  • The first rack based immersion system, with a standard server rack dimensions, which may be installed in a typical rack-row layout in single, dual or 3 level configuration,

  • 20 rack units per enclosure and 70 kW heat transfer efficiency – 3.5 kW per 1 rack unit

  • Higher performance and better space efficiency than any immersion cooling solution: up to 200 kW heat transfer efficiency per rack & from 250 up to 280kW of power density per sq’m.

  • Over 2 x higher heat exchange capacity,  2 x more servers per immersion rack. Up to 3 x higher heat transfer performance per rack unit

  • Non-proprietary solution with easy access to redundant pumps & heat exchanger compartment

Standard Server Immersion Enclosure

The Standard Immersion Enclosure is a game-changer for AI-powered data centers seeking unmatched performance within a familiar footprint. Standard Immersion Enclosure integrates seamlessly with standard 19" servers, maximizing its performance. Its deep 850mm immersion zone delivers exceptional heat transfer (61-70 kW) for unmatched data center power density (3.6-4 kW/1RU). Maintain existing layouts with the standard 600x1200 rack size (single or dual-level). Redundant pumps and heat exchanger ensure uptime. Scales to impressive 170-191 kW/m² density.
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Medium Server Immersion Enclosure

This first-of-its-kind immersion enclosure cools ANY server: standard, dedicated, or DC-MHS (M-FLW, M-DNO, M-SDNO). Maximize heat transfer (61-70 kW, 3.6-4 kW/1RU) with its deep 650mm immersion zone for unmatched data center power density. Scale seamlessly (183-210 kW heat transfer, 254-2871 kW/m² power density) and integrate into existing layouts (standard 600x1200 rack size) in single, dual, or 3-level configurations.
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Short Server Immersion Enclosure

This innovative immersion system cools small servers (MHS, edge platforms) in a compact, modular tank. It scales vertically with standard rack frames and supports M-FLW, M-DNO, M-SDNO servers at full density. With 510mm immersion depth and 61-70 kW heat transfer (3.6-4 kW/1RU), it removes barriers for ultra-dense architectures. Maintains standard 600x1200 rack size for seamless data center integration (single, dual, 3-level) and scales data hall density on demand. Offers 183-210 kW heat transfer and 254-2871 kW/m² power density.
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Edge Immersion Enclosure

Streaming platforms or telco industry must support AI workloads and 5G data transfers. That requires significant investment into edge computing to reduce data transfer latencies and deliver localized compute closer to where the data is needed. Edge Immersion Enclosure for seven OCP 21" or industry standard 19" servers is unique, cost effective complete solution to host AI class GPU workloads at remote locations including industrial IOT but also outdoor or rooftop installations.
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Enterprise Immersion Server Enclosure

Enterprise Grade, high-performance Immersion System dedicated for OCP ORV3 compatible servers and industry standard 19" platforms. This system is sized as every 800x1200 mm server rack and offers flexible configuration options hosting up to 22RU of 19" servers and 21 OU of 21" server systems.
Industry standard immersion server enclosure fits the dimensions of datacenter rack and ensures full compatibility with OCP Open Rack V3 accessories and devices.
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