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Liquid Cooling Optimized Dry Coolers

We offer a complete and modular portfolio of liquid cooling optimized Dry coolers. Our systems are built to withstand even the most demanding environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Choose from a diverse range of heat rejection options, starting from 15kW all the way up to 2MW capable systems, to perfectly match your specific cooling requirements. Unlike traditional dry coolers, ours are designed specifically for liquid cooling temperature thresholds. This allows datacenter operators to run workloads with elevated temperature which renders the need for adiabatic cooling so you can eliminate the environmental and financial costs associated with water evaporation, reducing both power and water usage. We prioritize quiet operation, ensuring minimal disruption in your data center environment. DCX uses only premium components from industry-leading suppliers, including Reliable fans from Ziehl Abegg & EBM Papst, Schneider Electric control systems, Danfoss electronic controls. This commitment to quality ensures that your DCX dry cooler will operate flawlessly for years to come.

  • Broad Range of cooling systems – from integrated 15-40kW cooling & pumping systems, to industrial dry coolers in the range 120-240kW up to rugged 1-2MW platforms

  • Electronically controlled with automatic fan programming results with low noise levels

  • Liquid Cooling Optimized for High Performance Computing temperature threshold

  • Compact systems with highly efficient geometry result with maximum performance & minimum footprint

  • Build with rigid frames and sized to standard container dimensions, may be transported in containers which enables mobility and easy relocation if needed

  • CE Marked, PED EN(2014/68/EU) compliant, UL / ETL compliant

ICP15 Cooling System

The ICP15 is an innovative industrial dry cooler with an integrated pump and adaptive fan control, offering exceptional heat transfer capabilities. With 15.87 kW at 35°C and 21 kW at 25°C, it outperforms traditional machine oil coolers. With its 3 times greater efficiency, the ICP15 is a game-changer in industrial cooling solutions. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for a separate pump group and is designed for optimal energy efficiency. The adaptive fan controller ensures minimal noise levels by regulating fan speed. Suitable for home mining operations, the ICP15 can also be integrated with a heat reuse loop for added sustainability.
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ICP40 Cooling System

ICP40 Cooling System is an immersion optimized dry cooler designed for single immersion enclosure. This system comes with an integrated pump unit and includes all components necessary for immediate operation. The system boasts a 160 lpm / 42 GPM continuous duty pump and a dual fan unit measuring 500 mm with dimensions of 140 x 70 x 40 cm. With over 40kW of heat transfer in a 35C ambient temperature and 50kW in a 25C outside temperature, this cooling system is highly efficient. Users can choose between standard 60-62dB fans or high-performance 50-55dB fans. The maximum power of the system is 600W, with an average power consumption of 400W in moderate climates. Trust ICP40 Cooling System for reliable and efficient cooling solutions.
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120kW Optimized Dry Cooler

120kW Optimized Dry cooler is a high-performance cooling solution designed specifically for the Immersion Rack System. The compact design makes it ideal for both standing or table-top installation with dimensions of 200 x 100 x 500 cm. With over 200 square meters of heat exchange area, this dry cooler is equipped with three standard 56-70 dB 500mm fans. It provides efficient heat transfer of 120kW in 35C ambient conditions, and over 140kW in average 20-25C air temperature. With a maximum power of 1.7-2.2kW (4.4A), it offers high-performance mode, consuming up to 40% less power for average moderate temperatures. Optional components, upgrades, and accessories are available to further enhance its functionality. Upgrade to the Immersion Optimized Drycooler for reliable and energy-efficient cooling.
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240kW Optimized Dry cooler

The 240kW liquid cooling Optimized Drycooler is specifically designed for multiple Immersion Racks, offering efficient heat transfer in a compact V-shaped platform measuring 230 x 160 x 180 cm. With nearly 500 square meters of heat exchange area, this dry cooler features dual standard 56 dB 800mm fans or high-performance 50-55 dB fans. It is capable of providing 240kW of heat transfer in 35°C ambient temperature and over 280kW for an average 20-25°C air temperature. With a maximum power of 3.6kW (4.4A) in high-performance mode and up to 30% less for moderate temperatures, this dry cooler is versatile and adaptable to various environments. Optional components, upgrades, and accessories are also available for further customization.
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1MW Optimized Dry Cooler

DCX 1MW liquid cooling Optimized Dry Cooler is a rugged and reliable dry cooler designed for crypto mining operations. With a compact 20ft container sized 1MW capacity build, it saves space and allows for easy relocation if needed. Built to last for decades, it can withstand all weather conditions including low temperatures, heavy snow, and high humidity. The optimized design ensures efficient heat transfer, making it ideal for demanding mining environments. Trust the DC2000S to keep your operation cool and running smoothly.
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2MW Optimized Dry Cooler

DCX rugged and liquid cooling Optimized Dry Cooler is the ultimate solution for the heat transfer challenges encountered by crypto mining operators. With a rugged and reliable design, this dry cooler is specifically designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. The compact 40ft container sized 2MW capable system allows for efficient use of space and easy relocation if needed. Built to last for decades, the DC2000S features robust construction and durable coating that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including low temperatures, heavy snow, strong rains, wind loads, and high humidity.
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