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DCX HYDRO Direct Liquid Cooling

For the past few years, the industry has been unable to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and flexible direct liquid cooling systems. This is why DCX introduced a new architecture of DCX HYDRO Direct Liquid Cooling solutions: Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs), affordable rack manifolds and open DCX coldplates.
We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of CDU systems: from 100kW in-rack units to datacenter scale In-Row systems. Enterprise CDUs 3, 6, 9 can host from 10 to 30 server racks, and supercomputer scale CDU 12 and 50, delivers from 1.2MW to 5MW of heat transfer capacity and support of up to 80 server racks. Our broad portfolio of CDUs is complemented with open CPU and GPU coldplates, Liquid Distribution Manifolds, and Technical Cooling Systems (TCS), as well as Facility Cooling Systems (FCS).
In contrast to highly customized “boutique” solutions, DCX HYDRO system allows users to configure DLC loops for every server and platform worldwide without being forced to order a custom solution for each server
  • A broad range of 7 Coolant Distribution Units, including 4U rack-based CDUs and standalone In-Row CDUs with capacities reaching from 100kW up to 5MW.

  • Over 2 times higher heat transfer performance and twice more servers hosted per CDU compared to alternatives. CDUs feature multistage vertical immersion pumps which deliver superior flow rate and pressure, compared to standard centrifugal pumps found in other CDUs.

  • Open architecture of DCX HYDRO system makes both manifolds and coldplates affordable & compatible with every server platform.

  • Open CPU and GPU cold plates instead of custom-made proprietary loops for individual servers, empowers users to configure direct chip cooling server loops.

  • Direct liquid cooled datacenter containers with up to 660 server and 2MW hosting capacity enabling sustainable heat reuse.

DCX HYDRO CPU Coldplates

The only Direct Chip Cooling cold plate module which allows individual user to configure server cooling loop and to implement direct liquid cooling for any server model. Using provided leak- proof tubing & quick disconnects, customers can reconfigure the cooling loop and move to the next generation server using the same DCX HYDRO coldplates. Detachable heat transfer elements enable heat transfer from over 86% of server components.
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DCX HYDRO GPU Coldplates

GPU coldplates for AI learning / GPU servers enable customers to operate safely with 50-100kW per rack capacities. DCX offers both PCIe and SXM coldplates as an easy retrofit of existing servers and GPU cards. DCX HYDRO Direct Chip Cooling system cold plates allows individual user to configure server cooling loop and to implement direct liquid cooling for virtually any air cooled server model.
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DCX HYDRO Coolant Distribution Units

Most powerful CDU systems in the market. A new generation of DCX Hydro Coolant Distribution Units, dedicated for direct liquid cooling of high-performance computing and standard datacenter servers. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of 7 CDUs, which, compared to market standard, deliver 2 x higher capacity and can serve 2 x more server racks per CDU than competitive solutions.
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DCX HYDRO Rack based Coolant Distribution Units

Family of in rack based CDU's, with heat transfer capacity of 170kW at average approach temperature and over 300kW at temperatures assumed by competitors. This rack based CDU's are equipped with 2 redundant multistage immersion pumps and can effectively cool multiple racks or high-powered HPC systems with twice higher pressure and flow rate than any other solution.
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DCX HYDRO Datacenter Containers

High density liquid cooled datacenter containers with integrated redundant power distribution and CDU system fulfilling every requirement of high availability. DCX offers 1MW capable 20FT datacenter container system with 6 server racks hosting over 280 servers and 40FT sized datacenter container with 14 server racks and almost 660 servers with heat transfer capacity of 2MW. Both systems enable users to reclaim 80% of heat from the servers and connect it flexibly for different heat reuse applications heating homes, facilities, greenhouses and pools.
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Liquid Distribution Manifolds

Proprietary manifolds are one of most expensive components of direct chip systems. This is why DCX offers affordable and cost effective manifold solutions. Dedicated to standard rack systems can be delivered in vertical or horizontal arrangement for dense blade systems. Automatic pressure release valves, air vents and wide range of quick couplings give operators a complete flexibility. We select components having in mind material compatibility and offer different solutions for quick disconnects aiming at cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
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Technology Cooling Systems

As a part of a complete offering we offer engineering services including free of charge sizing, design and also delivery and installation of TCS (Technology Cooling System) and Facility Water Systems (FWS). We select correct material for designed fluid chemistry, material compatbility & temperature range: from PPR pipping to SS316 stainless steel piping with full flow balancing and pressure safety.
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We build smart and affordable liquid cooling systems for datacenters and high performance computing.

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We’re DCX, a team of liquid cooling experts. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable innovation, developing a unique and smart solutions for data center and telecommunication sector. Our goal is to create future industry standards in liquid cooling technology and to transform the industry forever.


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