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CDU 2 InRack Cooling Distribution Unit

DCX HYDRO CDU 2 is a rack-based Coolant Distribution Unit designed to cool individual high-density server racks. This compact 4U CDU is equipped with unique immersion pumps and delivers over 170kW heat transfer capacity. CDU supports over 150 servers and 2 server racks – the highest performance of any 4U CDU in the industry. It is a perfect solution to provide responsive, high-capacity cooling for high-performance servers, and it only requires ASHRAE W3/W4 warm water to solve cooling challenges. CDU features a redundant pump design, dynamic condensation-free control, automatic coolant leveling, automatic leak detection, and complete remote control of all important parameters. This CDU combined with DCX Liquid Distribution Manifolds can be integrated into all standard server racks providing the exact, optimal cooling performance that your servers need, keeping your operation environmentally sustainable.


Up to 150 servers or 2 server racks per one CDU!


From 160 to over 200kW of heat transfer capacity!


Enables heat reuse with up to 60°C return temperature!

Energy Efficiency

Adaptive energy consumption up to 3kW per 2 server racks


At DCX, we understand the unique needs of hydro miners and direct liquid cooling systems. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective yet enterprise-class Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs) that are specifically designed to support advanced and power-hungry hydro miner models.
DCX CDU’s, or Coolant Distribution Units, are an essential component in direct chip cooling (DLC) or hydro cooling systems. These standalone, rack-based units play a crucial role in efficiently and adaptively cooling hydro miners while ensuring full condensation control. Including the in-rack CDU 1 & 2 models, as well as CDU 3, 6, 9, and 12 with a rated cooling capacity ranging from 300 to 1200 kW, DCX CDU’s offer effective separation of the coolant and the electronic components. They are responsible for monitoring the temperature of the coolant and adjusting the flow rate as necessary to maintain it below the dew point. This ensures that the precious electronics remain protected from condensation.

By providing precise temperature control and condensation prevention, DCX CDU’s contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of DLC or hydro cooling systems. Their adaptive cooling capabilities enable them to meet the specific needs of hydro miners, allowing for optimal performance while safeguarding against potential damage caused by condensation.

Investing in DCX CDU’s is a smart choice for those seeking effective coolant distribution solutions for their direct chip cooling systems. With their advanced features and ability to maintain optimal operating conditions, these units offer peace of mind and enhanced performance for your valuable electronic equipment.

The main features of a DCX CDU include:

  • A high flow rate ensures enough coolant supply for all components in the cooling loop.
  • Remote monitoring includes temperature, flow, and operation sensors that alter the flow rate to ensure consistent coolant temperature.
  • The cooling system is constructed with redundant pumps and components to provide continuous operation in case of failure.
  • Energy efficiency: CDUs use variable speed pumps and innovative control systems to reduce usage.

Experience the difference with DCX’s advanced Coolant Distribution Units – designed for high-powered miners and engineered for success in the world of cryptocurrency mining.


  • Supports twice as many servers, CPU’s and GPU’s than other CDU’s
  • Multi-stage immersion pumps deliver twice the pressure and flow rate of standard pumps.
  • Enterprise-class system high availability & redundancy
  • Adaptive efficiency, loop separation and condensation control.
  • Complete portfolio of 7 CDUs tailored to meet diverse cooling requirements
  • Wide range of systems, ranging from 100kW per 1 rack to 5MW and 100 server racks per single CDU.
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Ninja Column 1Ninja Column 2Ninja Column 3Ninja Column 4Ninja Column 5
Product modelCDU 2
Coling capacity [kW]100
Approach temperature [°C]55
Operation conditionPrimary sideSecondary sidePrimary sideSecondary side
CoolantFacility waterDI-waterFacility waterDI-water
Flow [m3/h]668.48.4
Output rated dP (bar)/≥2.3/≥1.4
Rated inlet temperature [°C]3553.63551.8
Rated outlet temperature [°C ]48.64046.840
Cooling capacity margin-6%14%
Transport weight [kg / lbs]95 / 209.4
Operation weight [kg / lbs]118 /260.1
Height [mm] | Width [mm] | Depth [mm]178 | 484 | 1052
FWS liquid connector style and dimensionTri-Clamp 1.5"
TCS liquid connector style and dimensionTri-Clamp 1.5"
Max. Power consumption [kW]3
T-V coefficient [C*L]3.8×10⁴
Power specifications2×1P AC220V 50/60Hz
Working environment T&H0~50C°/ RH5~85%
Noise Level [dB]65


  • Enterprise class system & controls with full redundancy
  • Complete loop separation and condensation control
  • From 300kw to 1.2MW per single CDU
  • From 6 to 28 server racks per single CDU
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System Build

CDU 2 InRack Cooling Distribution Unit

InRack 4U CDU, with 110-170 and even 200 kW heat transfer capacity at average 10°C – 15°C approach temperature and 300kW at approach temp claimed by competitive systems. Over 2 x more efficient than comparable in rack 4U CDU’s, will effectively cool more racks than any other 4U CDU. This rack based unit is equipped with 2 redundant multistage immersion pumps and can effectively cool multiple racks or high-powered HPC systems with 2 x higher pressure and flow rate than any other solution.

The system has a clamp connection for easy and quick installation. With the double pump redundancy design, replacement and maintenance are simple, ensuring great dependability. Maintenance can be performed without a shutdown in the case of a pump or power outage, or if the filter gets clogged. Furthermore, the system has a complete real-time monitoring feature for operating parameters. Its top computer connection interface includes two redundant RS485 ports and two redundant RJ45 ports, which use the default communication protocols Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP.

Steel cover to prevent contamination, with spill prevention components.
All-steel enclosure big enough to house up to 400kg of dielectric fluid and miners. Building block for the rack or scale-out container installations. Enables high-temperature mining for the best heat transfer parameters. No more plastic boxes that can crack, leak or melt anytime, no more problems with temperature limits, no more problems with grounding.
L shaped frames to mount external components – switchgear, monitoring systems or PSUs. Placement of PSU outside of the immersion bath requires more retrofitting for the miners, but enables even bigger density and higher temperature for better heat exchange.
IP40 switchgear box for 10-12 3-4kW miners. Contains: 10-12 x overcurrent protection, circuit breaker, cable fittings, terminal blocks, cabling. We use top class Schneider, Eaton, Legrand or Siemens components.
Miner stack area. Sized carefully taking into account various miner types. Allows for flexible placement of different miners. Including: 15x Whatsminer M20/M30/M31 12x Whatsminer M21 8x Antminer S17+ / S17e / T17+ 8x Antminer S19 / S19PRO / T19 10x Innosilicon A10 PRO / A9 / A6 23x Innosilicon A10 (500M) 18x Antminer S9SE / S9K 20x Antminer S9I / S9J 8-16 x Mining rig with up to 12 GPU each 6-7x Hummer H1 Miner 5x Antminer K5 CKB Eaglesong 8-16 GPU rigs with 12GPU each (96-192GPUS)
ThermaSafe R™ Dielectric Engineered Fluid Best priced, 2 times better than recognized Bitcool BC-888 ASIC miner dielectric coolant. Dielectric, odorless, non-toxic, non-allergenic, long-life, eco friendly and safe HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid). Designed specifically for crypto mining operations, compatible with most ASIC, GPU and electronic equipment.
Filling kit. Flexible miners require more effort on fluid control. We want all the fluid to go through the miners not around. To enable a higher pressure drop around the miners we deliver filling kits which direct the fluid through the miners.

Sustainable high performance computing

As computing power constantly increases, liquid cooling becomes a necessary solution to replace conventional air cooling. DCX HYDRO stands out as the most powerful, compact, sustainable, and energy-efficient data center cooling technology available today.

Features & Competitive Advantages

More performance, better reliability, and more comfort. Nothing is better.

Flexible system supports all crypto mining hardware

Each Universal ILC Enclosure can hold 6 GPU rigs with up to 12 GPUs each, or 18 conventional S9, Z9, and A9 ASIC miners. This results in 72 GPUs and 18 miners in a single UNI enclosure. Standard UNI Enclosure is capable of supporting crypto mining hardware such as GPU rigs and ASIC miners. Stacking enclosures to a 2/3 level stack results in 216 GPUs or 54 miners in less than 1 square meter. That is the best you can get.

More performance. Less to pay.

Most users will benefit from stability, which increases their shares by up to 10%. The numbers are impressive: with a PUE of 1.05, most of the fans can be eliminated, and the system cools miners as well as power supplies. Liquid cooling systems enable overclocking and fine-tuning with bespoke firmware, resulting in a 20% higher hash rate through hardware and software optimization. Along with these developments, power expenses will be reduced by 30%

Plug and Mine

Setup takes minutes, not weeks, making it ideal for anyone heading pro with 2-3-4 miners or mining rigs, with a “plug and mine” option. The UNI Enclosure serves as a key component for scaling up solutions, with 10-20-40 enclosures in our bespoke racks. Whether it’s a single UNI enclosure or an entire rack system, everything is provided. It performs flawlessly even in hot weather with high ambient temperatures, allowing for mining practically anywhere low-cost energy is available, with no failures or downtimes.

Silent, low profile mining

Tiny farm of 2-4 rigs or ASIC miners running all the time, as one ASIC miner makes 75dB of noise throughout the day and night. A specific location is required, with miners needing to be spaced apart and positioned in a sufficiently chilly environment. This necessitates expenditures for fans, air conditioning, placement, and filters for proper ventilation and air filtration. With our immersion liquid cooling, you can mine discreetly from your own home or from a location with the most convenient power. Placing 48 GPUs or 10 ASIC miners in a box with dimensions smaller than 70x60x60 resolves all issues. It is as simple as that.

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  2. Desired liquid cooling technology: direct chip – hydro or immersion system and the goal you want to achieve: better performance? Water savings? Energy efficiency? Heat reuse? Higher density?
  3. Country, City of planned location for climate data, heat transfer performance sizing & shipping cost estimate

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More performance, better reliability, and more comfort. Nothing is better.

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