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100% Safe

In comparison to other solutions, our proprietary technologies guarantee complete safety of ICT equipment

Open & Flexible

Our systems are not custom but user configurable. Set of plug & play components allows to install liquid cooling as every other datacenter subsystem.

Easy to install

System deployment is as easy as assembling an IKEA kit. DCX provides also full support in for new or retrofit application.

Compatible with all

Full support & guidance for every available system. Open system compatible with all platforms without customisation.

Scalable, flexible, reliable and affordable liquid cooling solutions.

Next Gen Direct Liquid Cooling

The Next Gen DLC System is the first open direct-to-chip liquid cooling solution that delivers significant savings on data center cooling, infrastructure, and maintenance. Open solution means: we resign from proprietary, custom made solutions for one specific server only. For the first time in liquid cooling, industry customer is free to install DCX modules in any server and rack, without painful customization or design process. The best is, that DCX Next Gen DLC system may be disassembled and reused in other servers in the future, ordering is easy as purchasing any third-party component and installation of modules is as easy as installation of additional PCI card. All that provides the best return of investment from any DLC system available.
This means one can incorporate liquid cooling technology into their data center with ease, reducing infrastructure CAPEX & power consumption which is essential to achieving low data center operating costs.
DCX DLC system is designed specifically to eliminate all the risks associated with standard water cooling while providing a flexible and open solution – easy to apply and customer configurable. Thanks to patented leak-proof design based on Chilldyne negative pressure system, PushToLock quick disconnect ports, and other features, it can cool any server, regardless of make or model – and deliver up to 20% more of computing power.

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To be Announced: Next Gen Immersion Cooling Rack System

Immersion cooling is considered by the experts as future design of every computing infrastructure, nevertheless available immersion cooling systems have large area for improvement in terms of usability, simplicity and compatibility with typical hardware platforms.
This is why DCX created Universal Open ILC Enclosures for standard server platforms and crypto-currency mining infrastructure. Each UNI ILC Enclosure will accommodate 15 one U servers, or 4 GPU rigs with 12 gpu each, or 10 standard S9/A9/Z9 asic miners. UNI Enclosures can be stacked safely on proprietary rack system providing best space utilisation in standalone or container version. 20ft high cube  container can hold up to 630 one U servers,  2680 GPU’s or 560 asic miners.
We use nano enhanced, safe, dielectric engineered fluid that extracts 100% of the heat, rendering the need for standard racks, chillers or fans. Silent cooling protects IT devices from harsh environment, including high temperature, humidity, vibration and dust – improving uptime and general MTBF of components. Better computing performance combined with simplified electrical & mechanical topology makes immersion liquid cooling the best solution for edge computing application.

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CryptoMining Immersion Cooling System

From single enclosure to complete rack system. From single loop system to hold small scale mining operation to large multi rack or container builds. From 18 miners to Crypto ILC Rack – expansion for Universal Crypto Enclosure, with 54 miners and + 70kW capacity. Easy to set up, easy to use.

Universal components are building blocks for scale up or container solutions. Immersion results in significant performance bump (+20-30%), energy savings and with less repairs and maintenance. This is why DCX created Universal Open ILC Enclosure and Rack system for standard server platforms and cryptocurrency mining infrastructure.Reliable and affordable liquid cooling solution providing energy savings, unparallel hashrate increase and complete noise, dust and fire protection.

Each UNI ILC Enclosure will accommodate 15 one U servers, 6-8 S17PRO miners, 18 standard S9/G32-500/A10 ASIC miners or 6 GPU rigs with 12 GPU each. Rack system holds UNI Enclosures can be stacked safely on a proprietary rack system providing the best space utilization in standalone or container version. 20ft high cube container can hold up to 630 one U servers, 2680 GPU’s or 560 ASIC miners.

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Liquid Cooled Edge Data Center

Future of Edge Computing means sustainability: small but dense DataCenter’s as DCX’s patent pending Mobile Mining / Computing Unit with Next Gen Immersion Liquid Cooling technology. Close to smart cities, to compute with minimal latency massive data streams from IoT sensors, smart appliances and vehicles, or from new streaming services.  The rapid growth of Internet of Things and Big Data revolution is pushing datacenters to the edge. Billions of connected devices generating exabytes of data each day, demand cloud resources nearby.
Our patent pending liquid cooled MMU – Mobile Mining Unit or Mobile Computing Unit in 20ft high cube iso container format, provide largest density available worldwide. Containerised datacenter is equipped with Compute or Universal ILC Enclosures. Enclosures can hold 15 standard web-servers, and crypto-mining hardware,including gpu rigs (4 rigs with 48 gpu cards total, or 10 asic miners. Complete container may hold up to 630 one U servers or  2680 GPU’s or 560 asic miners
Proprietary engineered dielectric fluid extracts 100% of the heat and 60*C/140*F hot liquid can be reused for local community. Mobile system can be located close to solar or hydroelectric or biomass power plants to use excess energy or waste/biomass with PUE close to 1.01 and virtually zero carbon footprint.

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June 24, 2019

DCX announcing complete portfolio of crypto mining immersion cooling systems.

DCX - Liquid Cooling Company anounces Immersion Liquid Cooling System For Crypto Mining Operators. Reliable and affordable liquid cooling solution providing energy savings, unparallel hashrate…
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EU Funding update: DCX approved for China Tech Bridge Marketing Grant

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September 5, 2018

Product update: Next Gen DLC System

Product update: Next Gen DLC System Every 2 years we double the amount of information. Datacenters always have to be on. They’re always consuming energy.…


DLC CDU300 – Coolant Distribution Unit – the crucial component of every DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) System. Cooling capacities ranging from 20kW to 305kW with hot water cooling. CDU ensure condensate-free, optimum operation with dew point temperature control. Redundant pumps & remote control guarantee high availability and uptime.
DLC LDU – Liquid Distribution Unit. Modular LDU distributes fluid to and from the devices. Offers the biggest density in the DLC industry, with hexagonally arranged CTC dry break quick disconnects. A single 42 rack scaled unit can provide from 40 to 128 sockets. The CPC couplings allow easy maintenance, as disconnection and connection can be performed using just one hand. The unit is equipped with VRV valves (Vent Release Valve) so no complicated maintenance is necessary. Sold with a set of universal brackets which fit any 42U rack.
DLC CPU LGA3647 MODULE – first and only DLC CPU module for intel processors with LGA 3647 socket, that allows operator to create his own cooling loop and to implement liquid cooling to any server model / mainboard design. This is possible due to a streamlined in-line connection with 1 inlet and 3 outlets, as well as PTL quick disconnects ports.
ILC UNI ENCLOSURE – Universal and Open ILC Enclosure for standard servers and crypto-currency mining infrastructure. Each UNI ILC Enclosure will accommodate 48 GPUs (4 rigs), or 10 standard S9/Z9/A9 asic miners or 15 web servers. UNI Enclosures can be stacked safely on proprietary rack system providing best space utilisation. 20ft iso container can hold up to 2680 GPU’s or 560 asic miners with 4 level UNI Enclosure stack
DLC VCDU 300 is a main DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) System component. This unit provides ultimate safety and high availability features, delivering coolant under negative pressure. VCDU300 has been designed specifically to be fault tolerant and to eliminate virtually any risks associated with liquid cooling. VCDU system patented leak – proof design runs coolant under negative pressure on both the supply and return so coolant cannot leak out – only air can leak into the system. protects costly electronic equipment.
DLC CDU50 – The 5U Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) is a compact version of cooling distribution unit designed to fit in the rack and provide 50kW of cooling capacity. It is designed to provide clean, filtered water supply for CPU / GPU modules. The operation is secure and closely controlled above dew-point. CDU50 is capable of 50kW cooling capacity with supply water between 15C (59F) to 45C (113F). On the front face of the 5U Unit is the touch screen operator interface for ease of operation and monitoring.



VCDU negative pressure vacuum based design guarantees 100% safety in difference to positive pressure systems. In an unlikely event of loosing the integrity, all fluid is drained from the loop by negative pressure. This guarantees safety of electronic components. Also dual phase dielectric fluid option provides another layer of protection.


DCX Patent covered Next Gen DLC system features Push To Lock quick disconnect ports on cooling module / rack level. Customer can create own LOOPTM for every server and platform without being forced to order custom solution for each device. Using provided leak- proof tubing & PTL quick disconnects the customer can reconfigure the LOOP if needed and move to the next generation server, utilising the same socket, cooling modules, and LDUs (liquid distribution units).


The system’s deployment is as easy as assembling an IKEA kit. DCX provides full support in moving from traditional air cooling to a highly efficient DDLC system. We will provide guidance concerning installation on every available chip & system platform.


Improving energy efficiency reduces one of the largest costs and one of the largest sources of emissions simultaneously. DDLC system provides 75-80% reduction in HVAC power and 75% reduction in fan power that cuts total energy spending and bills from 39 to 45%.


Next Gen DLC system allows complete removal of power hungry HVAC systems with high global warming potential refrigerants. Liquid cooling provides alternative with 4-6 times greater density and energy consumption reduced by half.


Modern energy efficient CPU’s and GPU’s operate at speeds lower than stated if not cooled properly. Customer usually receives 20% less performance from each chip than advertised. Liquid cooling allows for an increase of 25% performance & additional fine tuning and overclocking.


DLC system’s CAPEX and OPEX are lower than HVAC and freecooling solutions. Additionally, Next Gen DLC system requires half the maintenance and uses much less electricity than air conditioning. This efficient and low cost solution is capable of reducing datacenter power consumption by 45% or more, bringing PUE (Power Usage Effciency) down to 1.1.


With NG DLC system datacenter operators can move from 5-10kW rack to high density 30-40kW rack setup and utilise datacenter space 4-6 times better than in air cooled or free cooled designs. That means smaller data room footprint which brings significant infrastructure savings


We will support you on every available chip & platform.

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