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We deliver sustainability.

Energy saving liquid cooling solutions for a better planet. Naturally.

Next Generation of Liquid Cooling

We’re DCX - a team of liquid cooling experts. We started with a clear vision - to change the datacenter industry with the new disruptive cooling system. Since that time datacenter operators faced new challenges: rising rack power density, higher processors power requirements, more GPUs requiring workloads, legal and social pressure on sustainability, carbon footprint, data center water usage, and on top of that – significant growth of energy costs.

This is why we built a complete portfolio of open, smart, and affordable direct liquid & immersion cooling systems. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable innovation, developing solutions which change the way we build and operate IT infrastructure. Our goal is to create future industry standards in liquid cooling technology and to transform the industry forever.

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March 31, 2023

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March 31, 2023

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March 31, 2023

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New server immersion solution crafted to your requirements – from 14U demo unit to 21OU/22RU Immersion Server Enclosure. From outdoor Edge/5G enclosures to standard 19″ or OCP Open Rack V3 21″ servers.

Server Immersion Enclosure

Demo Immersion Enclosure

Edge Immersion Pod

ORV3 Immersion Enclosure

First open direct chip cooling system, 100% safe direct chip liquid cooling system. A comprehensive portfolio of CDU systems combined with universal cold plates means the best possible investment protection, long lifecycle and complete flexibility in operation.

Liquid Distribution Manifold

Coolant Distribution Units 

Edge/5G Immersion Solutions & Container Immersion Datacenters

Immersion cooling at the edge? No problem. From cell-based 7U unit with integrated pumping/heat exchange systems – to remote Immersion Containers based on our standard server enclosures. Rugged, tough built Edge / 5G ready immersion systems to be installed virtually everywhere. 

Edge Immersion Pod

Edge Immersion Container

DCX pioneered introducing modular Immersion Enclosure & Immersion Rack System. Now as a leader in liquid cooling solutions for the crypto mining industry, we offer a new generation of immersion systems – the PRO10 architecture consisting of 3 solutions: PRO10 Immersion Mining Enclosure, PRO10 Immersion Mining Rack and PRO10 Immersion Mining Container. Engineered from ground up to deliver up to 192kW per Immersion Rack.

Immersion Mining Enclosure

Immersion Mining Rack

Thermasafe R Dielectric Engineered Fluid

Liquid cooling optimized dry coolers – rugged and reliable design and broad portfolio ranging from 15kW to 2MW capable systems. Elevated temperature in our immersion or hydro liquid cooling systems enable crypto mining and datacenter operators to save on heat rejection devices and meet the most demanding operating conditions. The result is reduced footprint, improved capacity & density and lower noise level.

120kW Immersion Optimized Drycooler

240kW Immersion Optimized Drycooler

1.2 MW Immersion Optimized Drycooler

2 MW Immersion Optimized Drycooler

DCX pioneered with the idea of using low viscosity engineered fluids instead of mineral oils. Dielectric, affordable, high performance, odorless, non-allergenic, long-life, eco-friendly, and safe cooling liquids. Designed and engineered specifically for server immersion. Explore the options:

Thermasafe R Engineered Fluid

Thermasafe S Engineered Fluid

Thermasafe N Engineered Fluid

Dielectric Solvent

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