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Warsaw, Poland, March 22, 2023

  • DCX announces 215% revenue increase in 2022, marking 4th-consecutive year of record growth in crypto mining market

  • DCX achieved record results in both revenue and exports, despite challenges in the global markets.

  • The company expanded its commerce to 18 new international markets.

  • DCX is about to launch new generation liquid cooling products dedicated for crypto mining.

DCX, (, based in Warsaw, Poland, EU, is a leading worldwide company providing a complete and comprehensive portfolio of sustainable liquid cooling systems: Direct Liquid Cooling and Immersion Cooling dedicated to high-performance computing, including crypto mining operations and IT datacenters.
Today, a global leader in liquid cooling solutions for the crypto mining industry, announced a 215% revenue growth YoY. The revenue increase marks the 4th-consecutive year of record growth since the company started its operations in 2019.

“2022 results demonstrate our continuous technology advantage and ability to efficiently serve customers in over 50 countries worldwide. Our growth in recent years has been driven by scalable and affordable immersion cooling systems dedicated to both small-scale individual miners and large operators. DCX Immersion Mining Solutions are built to enable higher performance, energy efficiency & sustainable heat reuse, which additionally contributed throughout the year to USD 10 M of savings on energy by our business and individual clients”, announced Tomasz Buk, DCX CSO.

Systems which DCX delivers, enables small, medium size and large operations to operate better having more performance – hashrate. Professional operators can overclock the mining machine thus providing quicker ROI and better TCO for a mining operation. Immersion system developed by DCX protects expensive hardware from hot or humid climates or freezing temperatures which opens the ability to plan efficient cooling of cryptomining operation in different areas of the globe, including South America or Middle East.
One of the significant advantages of DCX Immersion Mining Systems is reuse the heat, which enables additional cost savings when purchasing heat rejection devices (dry coolers) and allows for sustainable and effective heat utilization for facility heating or different industrial applications.

“We have amazing customers who have trusted us, this is why we have been able to deliver over 2000 individual immersion systems with a total cooling capacity of 80MW, which makes us leaders in the rapidly growing liquid cooling industry. A great position for the upcoming announcements of the new architecture of DCX Immersion Cooling Systems”, said Maciek Szadkowski, DCX CTO.

New contracts and contributions to clients’ success: In 2022 DCX successfully achieved its deliveries plan to all major markets, additionally providing new top-class systems to the US, its No. 1 global market:
  • 5MW capable immersion system located in Chicago, USA, with sustainable heat rejection/heat reuse
  • 2MW immersion system located in Virginia, USA
  • 8MW immersion solution including 4 immersion containers along with 2MW DC2000 immersion optimized dry coolers, delivered to Australia.
  • 800 individual immersion systems with a capacity from 40k to 500kW, delivered to multiple countries.

About DCX:

DCX portfolio for cryptomining applications is available at or, for larger investors at DCX offers Immersion Mining Enclosures and Immersion Mining Rack solutions, Immersion Server Systems, Cooling Distribution Units (CDUs) dedicated to Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC). The company also supplies Immersion Optimized Dry Coolers and a renowned Thermasafe line of Dielectric Engineered Fluids. DCX offers comprehensive design and implementation services making itself the first choice for liquid cooling systems for crypto mining and IT, data centres, and edge applications.

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