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Large ScaleOut Facility Solutions

Crypto mining industry brings significant challenges: heat, equipment failures, power usage, a limited possibility for overclocking, low reliability, loud noise, enormous amount of heat that requires a specific location with low ambient temperature, space, and immense masses of air pushed through cooling systems. All that being said, such factors as dust, vibration and humidity degrade MTBF, which is already low.

Small but dense Immersion Crypto Mining Containers are a great choice if you’re looking for an effective solution from a trustworthy manufacturer. Operating a cryptomining farm can only mean two things: either winning big, or losing big. Thus, creating custom DIY immersion cooling tanks or buying from an untrusted seller has high/unacceptable risk of failure. Why invennting a wheel when you can buy a Ferrari? DCX Immersion Mining Unit solves all issues with proprietary, patent-pending granular Immersion Enclosure fluid distribution.  The unmatched density of over 600 ASIC miners installed in immersion enclosures results in 1 to 2 MW power density. Central filling and draining of 20ft High Cube Container allow us to transport the system to a convenient location with low power cost and convenient legal framework safely. Each of our Immersion Containers is equipped with its own second loop pumping station and a heat exchanger. DCX’s second loop fluid distribution system circulates our ThermaSafe R™ dielectric Heat Transfer Fluid. Single-phase liquid has 1600x better heat capacity and 4.5x better heat conductivity than air. Our fluid ejects 100% of heat outside the enclosure and protects devices from harsh environment and failure mechanisms including high temperature, humidity, vibration, corrosion, dust – all the major causes of electronic failures. It also reduces thermal expansion cycling, maintains stable temperature, eliminates airborne contaminants, and failures caused by zinc and tin whisker growth. ThermaSafe R™ also serves as a fire suppressant, making remote mining operations possible.


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