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Now available! First plug & play immersion cooling solution for for crypto mining operators!

DCX – Liquid Cooling Company anounces Immersion Liquid Cooling System For Crypto Mining Operators. Reliable and affordable liquid cooling solution providing energy savings, unparallel hashrate increase and complete noise, dust and fire protection. Along with portfolio availability we open new website dedicated to

Crypto mining benefits might be huge and lot’s of operators made quick income with rising value of several crypto currencies. But crypto operation faces significant challenges. Energy cost of ‘mining’ bitcoin more than twice that of copper or gold or platinum. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, in order to retain and sustain Bitcoin, mining devices require currently an amount of energy that’s equivalent to 30 nuclear power reactors running at full capacity. Moreover, the industry is already using more power than all the world’s electric vehicles combined.

Growing difficulty, halving, rising energy cost, hardware related issues, constant maintenance, air handling, noise, fire risk – this are well known issues with crypto-mining operation. This is why massive factory-style operations dominate today’s mining.

To address that, DCX worked hard researching and evaluating different technologies. Now we are ready to announce availability of our crypto mining immersion cooling portfolio. This are first modular, plug&play, complete immersion mining systems available – with all parts and component required to start your mining operation – from the one enclosure to several rack systems. It is complete, standalone closed loop solution for the mining operators that allow silent, safe, energy efficient mining in any location, with the best overclocked performance you can get from your miners. This complex system, based on immersion cooling technology allows to solve the main issues of crypto mining and allow virtually anyone to start profitable mining operation.

There are many advantages of Immersion Cooling, making crypto-mining more profitable while at the same time – demanding less time & effort. Customers get an uninterrupted smooth work, stable temperature conditions, the absence of noise and dust, overclocked performance and savings on people, installations and maintenance.

Benefits – based on real life experience of immersion cooling operators:

  • Reduce Operating Costs by 50%+ – less equipment, less work, less maintenance.
  • Miner’s Power reduction by 20% – removing the fans from the miners effects in ~18% to 25%. Fans are replaced with fan emulation circuit.
  • Infrastructure Power reduction by 20% – removal of supplementary cooling systems (Intake and exhaust fans, backup air conditioning, etc account for another 20% – 25%)
  • Less infrastructure, cheaper & faster got to market: No need for emergency air conditioning or fire detection / protection systems. Fire protection is “built-in” as dielectric fluid is non-flammable.
  • Increased Hashrate +20%: Overclocking and fine tuning with custom firmware which effects in 20% more hashrate. Additionally most users get up to 10% more shares from stability. Reject / Stale shares are down. Works in older miners too – liquid cooled s9j gets 20.4 Th/s or more!
  • Less repairs, less maintenance, less work – more profit: hash boards aren’t failing, no fans that break, connectors not burned. Systems immersed in the liquid are completely protected from high temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, corrosion – main failure issues for electronics hardware. That means less work, visits, maintenance, replacements, time wasted for repairs.
  • Density increase: Heat transfer Fluid transfers heat over 1500x better than air, and you have no hot spots, all temperatures are uniformed
  • Silent, low profile mining anywhere! One asic miner generates the noise of 75dB all day and night. With our immersion liquid cooling you will be able mine quietly from your own place or from the area with most convenient power. Placing up to 48 GPUs or 8-9 asic miners in the box with PSU’s makes your mining farm unnoticeable. Heat to air drycooler has silent low speed fans similar to air conditioning unit.

DCX Universal Enclosure / Rack system benefits: 

  • Flexibility of the system: You can start with single enclosure and move up to single or many rack systems. You buy simple enclosure with pumping / tubing / heat exchange system, find convenient level place for installation, connect, fill and that’s it.
  • Plug and Mine: Ready to use, delivered with everything required, “plug and mine” solution for every individual that goes pro with 5-10-20 miners or mining rigs. Everything is included whether it is single UNI enclosure or whole rack system. No need to educate yourselves on immersion, you can focus on operation. We deliver complete set with universal enclosures, racks, tubing, pumping, monitoring, heat exchange components. Just find convenient, level surface for enclosure / rack and heat exchanger, secure, prepare miners, connect all components and you can scale easily. And the best is – the setup takes minutes not weeks.
  • Low footprint: Standard UNI Enclosure is able to sustain crypto mining hardware including gpu rigs and asic miners. Each Universal ILC Enclosure will accommodate 4 GPU rigs with up to 12 GPU each , or up to 10 standard S9j ASIC miners. That results in 48 gpu’s / 12 miners in one UNI Enclosure. Stacking up enclosures in our Rack system will effect in up to 100 GPU cards or 36 asic miners in less than 1 square meter footprint. No cumbersome, large open tanks / baths. Thats best you can get in simple and low profile installation.
  • Easy start, set up & scale: you can start with one enclosure that will sustain up to 10-12 miners, then purchase another enclosure or complimentary rack system. We provide upgrades to our existing customer base

DCX announces the pre-order availability of it’s cryptocooling suite of products:

1. Universal Immersion Liquid Cooling Enclosure

2. Immersion Liquid Cooling Rack System

3. ThermaSafe Heat Transfer Enginneered Fluid

4. DCX AR Monitoring System

5. Mobile Cryptomining Container

Finally there is simple, reliable and open immersion cooling system that costs less than power hungry aircooling, but provides significant savings on space, power consumption and maintenance.  Estimated shipping time for first batch starts 05/8/2019. An additional complementary components (fan deletion/emulation circuit) for 10 miners per 1 ordered enclosure, will be provided for our pre-order customers.