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Product update: Next Gen DLC System

Every 2 years we double the amount of information. Datacenters always have to be on. They’re always consuming energy. Datacenters have as big a carbon footprint as airline industry, and 39% of electricity is spent on cooling. Our open direct liquid cooling systems reduce up to 90% of cooling cost. In a world of rising energy costs and higher rack densities, our next gen direct liquid cooling solution enables you to increase perormance, uptime and minimize operating costs without revolution within datacenter.

DCX is proud to announce ground breaking liquid cooling system for enterprise and smb customers: Next Gen Direct Liquid Cooling System. Next Gen DLC  is a revolutionary direct-to-chip liquid cooling solution that delivers significant savings on datacenter cooling, infrastructure and maintenance. We designed the system specifically to eliminate the risks associated with liquid cooling while providing flexibility and open solution. Thanks to patented leak-proof design and features as Push To Lock quick disconnect ports on cooling module, it can cool any server, regardless of make or model and deliver up to 20% more of computing power.

Besides absolute 100% safety we feature first worldwide Open liquid cooling solution so customer may incorporate DLC technology into their datacenter with ease, reducing infrastructure capex & power consumption which is essential to achieving low data center operating cost. Next Gen DLC system, in contrast to other offerings is designed to be open, which means that customers can order NextGen DLC components in the same manner as every third party components: hard drives, expansion cards or memory chips. Customers can configure own loop with provided DLC components: CPU or GPU modules with push to lock quick disconnect fittings, leak-proof tubing and LDU’s (Liquid Distribution Units). This way customers are not forced to order custom “boutique” solution for each device and each and rack – instead of they achieve flexibility, long lifespan of DLC solution, and compatibility with any platform and design.

Direct liquid cooling is an approach that absorbs heat at the processor (rather than from the entire data center space) by circulating, in safely manner, at low and negative pressure, hot fluid – instead of chilled water, to rack-level LDU’s (liquid distribution units) that supply liquid cooling loops installed in individual servers and devices. Currently available systems use usually warm water with positive pressure and cooling loops must be customise to fit specific device and rack.

Specific features:


  • 100% safe – VCDU negative pressure vacuum based design guarantees 100% safety in difference to positive pressure systems. In an unlikely event of loosing the integrity, all fluid is drained from the loop by negative pressure. This guarantees safety of electronic components. Also dual phase dielectric fluid option provides another layer of protection.
  • first open ddlc system – features Push To Lock quick disconnect ports on cooling module / rack level. Customer can create own LOOPTM for every server and plattofm without being forced to order custom solution for each device.
  • 10y+ lifespan – with provided leak- proof tubing & PTL quick disconnects the customer can reconfigure the LOOPTM if needed and move to the next generation server, utilising the same socket, cooling modules, and LDUs (liquid distribution units).
  • more performance – Modern energy efficient CPU’s and GPU’s operate at speeds lower than stated if not cooled properly. Customer usually receives 20% less performance from each chip than advertised. Liquid cooling allows for an increase of 25% performance & additional fine tuning and overclocking.
  • savings – DDLC is efficient and low cost solution that is capable of reducing datacenter power consumption by 45% or more, bringing PUE (Power Usage Effciency) down to 1.1 and generating significant savings in energy, maintenance, datacentre floor utilisation, as well as allows lower infrastructure investment cost.
  • easy to install & support covered – the system’s deployment is as easy as assembling an IKEA kit. DCX provides full support in moving from traditional air cooling to a highly efficient DDLC system. We will provide guidance concerning installation on every available chip & system platform.
  • less expensive – DLC system’s CAPEX and OPEX are lower than HVAC and freecooling systems. Additionally, DDLC system requires half the maintenance and uses much less electricity than air conditioning.
  • green & sustainable – DDLC system allows complete removal of power hungry HVAC systems with high global warming potential refrigerants. Liquid cooling provides alternative with 4-6 times greater density and energy consumption reduced by half.
  • reduced floor space – With DDLC system datacenter operators can move from 5-10kW rack to high density 30-40kW per rack setup and utilise datacenter space 4-6 times better than in air cooled or free cooled designs.
  • energy efficiency – Improving energy efficiency reduces one of the largest costs and one of the largest sources of emissions simultaneously. DDLC system provides 75-80% reduction in HVAC power and 75% reduction in fan power that cuts total energy spending and bills from 39 to 45%.

Finally there is simple, reliable and open DLC system that costs less than power hungry aircooling, but provides significant savings on space, power consumption. You can move to Next Gen DLC with ease. Just ask DCX for quote. System components will be available from the 1st of October 2018